Welcome to Force Damage!

Do you want to follow a fledgling DM as he attempts to craft an engaging world for his players and tell a story of heroism and adventure? Do you want to read about a party of quirky characters as they attempt to navigate this world and become heroes? Do you like reading opinions and stories about tabletop games, card games, and video games? Do you like really bad homebrews for Dungeons and Dragons?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then hang around! My name is Aaron, and this is Force Damage, a little blog where I share all sorts of stories and opinions about the geekiest, nerdiest subjects of our time.

Keep an eye out for my first few pieces, where I’ll start to uncover some juicy information about the Kingdoms of Invaris, and introduce the poor characters that found themselves in my world.

You’ll see a lot of stuff about D&D 5th Edition, since that just so happens to be what I’m running right now, but I might occasionally talk about older editions, pathfinder, shadowrun and whatever else might catch my attention at the time! It won’t just be about tabletop RPGs though. I also play Magic the Gathering, and have been an avid gamer my entire childhood, so don’t be surprised if I go on rants about MMOs, RPGs, FPSs, RTSs and other acronyms that won’t make sense if you don’t play video games!


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